AST manufactures a myriad of Rotary Forged and Spun/Flowformed products for many of the leading companies in their respective market segments. Those market segments include:

Automotive Aftermarket

Within the automotive aftermarket, AST makes product that serves a variety of segments in the US and Europe:

  • Monoblocks and Centers for automotive applications
  • Motorcycle wheels for the Harley and V-Twin aftermarket
  • Truck wheels for both heavy duty applications and pickup trucks
  • Race wheels for a variety of applications and markets
  • Offroad wheels for various race classes
Military Wheel Market

AST produces wheels and wheel components for the military and defense market. These products cover multiple vehicle platforms and applications.


AST makes Rotary Forged and Spun/Flowformed parts for a number of aerospace applications including nozzles, chambers, cylinders and tubes for thrust applications and fuel storage and transfer systems.

Alternative Energy

AST is currently making or has under development type 3 aluminum liners in 300, 400 and 500 liter sizes. These one piece carbon fiber overwrapped cylinders provide significant advantages over steel and plastic liners and are used in multiple applications around the world.

For each of these market segments, AST deliverable is either a Forging, Spun part or Lathe turned blank. Our customers, in turn, take these products and complete them into finished products such as those displayed on this page.